Experience Intuitive Healing and Awaken your Vyana

Vyana is the Nourishing & Expansive Energy that Connects, Balances and Heals the Body & Mind.


Integrative and expansive, VYANA governs the movement of Prana through the energy channels that flow throughout the body. VYANA also dictates the flow of blood and nutrients through the circulatory system, the flow of chemical and electrical impulses through the nervous system, the movement of fluid through the lymphatic system, the movement of muscles and joints, and even the flow of thoughts and emotions. Truly, VYANA brings it all together.



At VYANA, we believe in providing customized, intuitive massage using organic products at an affordable price!  Your choice of pressure, including deep tissue is included in your massage at no extra charge, as well as dry brushing, aromatherapy, hot stone treatment, organic essential oils and hot towel compressions.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage

With our natural ability to tune into the body, we’ll create a unique massage experience that combines a range of techniques to reduce pain, increase mobility, improve posture and melt away tension.

60 minutes: $95 | 90 minutes: $125
120 minutes: $155

Couples Massage

Escape with a friend or a loved one for a mutual massage experience side-by-side.

60 minutes: $190 | 90 minutes: $250
120 minutes: $310

Elite Massage

Be transformed to a deep state of euphoria with this highly intuitive therapeutic massage experience performed by our top therapists. Assisted stretching, and/or Gua Sha treatments can be part of your session to remove chronic tension patterns and scar tissue at no extra charge.

60 minutes: $105 | 90 minutes: $135
120 minutes: $165

Assissted Stretching

Our Therapists use the Resistance Flexibility and Strength Training (RFST) techniques that release deep muscle and fascial adhesions. These deep stretches increase mobility and range of motion and aid in circulation and improve muscular strength.

60 minutes: $160

Foot Fusion Massage

Indulge yourself with our affordable clothed massage blend of Reflexology, Shiatsu and Acupressure. Relax in one of our plush massage recliners while enjoying a powerful massage and soothing foot soak with hot towels.

30 minutes: $39
45 minutes: $55

Massage Enhancements

Relieve + Recover CBD Body Butter by baceae

A topical CBD spot treatment to relieve inflamed muscle aches, back pain, neck or leg cramps, and arthritic joint pains.


Soothe + Restore CBD Salve by baceae

A rejuvenating salve to soothe dry itchy skin and restore and replenish the skin back to its soft and supple health.


Deep Blue Rub by Doterra

Powerful essential oils and plant extracts for pain relief and muscle relaxation.


Gua Sha

An ancient East Asian medicine technique to relieve skeletal muscular pain, involves scraping the skin with a thin stone to flush the tissue with fresh blood. Relieves chronic neck pain, acute back pain, shoulder pain & knots, plantar fasciitis, and other pain-related issues.


Gua Sha Mini Facial

Gently move stagnation from the skin utilizing Gua Sha lymph. This add-on will guarantee the post-facial glow and can help with TMJ.

15 minutes: $40

Pedi Detox

Sit back and relax while you immerse your feet in a bath of Epsom salts infused with essential oils, then gently massaged with a pink Himalayan salt scrub and bentonite clay mask. Finished with soothing hot towels.

15 minutes: $40




Wellness Therapists

Massage Therapist

Joleen Tafoya, LMP

A 2014 graduate of Tri Cities Beauty College, Vera specializes in designs and nail enhancements.

Massage Therapist

Madison Castellanos, LMP

Jenny Ashton really loves giving people the calm moments in their over stressed lives. Just relax.


We offer a variety of classes including



What Our Clients Say


  • Kayla B.

    This is the perfect place for relaxation! My husband and I took a trip to Cambria for his birthday and decided to get a couples massage. Neither of us have gotten a massage before and this was a great experience. Our masseuses were Madison and Carly and they made us both feel very comfortable. I am very ticklish and warned Madison I may awkwardly laugh at some point as my back ribs are very sensitive. She was super cool about it and said it was a good experience for her to work with someone who is ticklish. We both left feeling relaxed and renewed. If we get the chance to get away without the kids again, we will certainly be back here.

  • Meemee B.

    Heaven! From the second we walked in for our 90 minute couples massage we felt like we were in Heaven! Madison & Katie both greeted us & asked us typical questions & about our bodies, injuries, etc. They explained to us what they were going to do & use... asked about allergies, etc. We were brought into a big naturally-lit room w/2 large massage tables & plenty room for us each to comfortably change & not be too close together- which I was super happy & pleased about!! I knew then, both therapists had enough room to completely concentrate & maneuver on each of us simultaneously. Everything from their caring warm touch to the exfoliating thing they did on us, to the hot stones (my favorite things ever!!) to the neck/upper back stretching towards the end, they both individually focused on our individual needs & bodies as if they were working on themselves as they would want. I personally know Joleen, the owner and was hoping to have her work on me personally, because I absolutely adore her & her obvious healing energy & demeanor, however, I/we were//was 500 percent satisfied with both Katie & Madison's gifts! Thank you both so much for taking such great care of us & leaving us in complete bliss & so relaxed! What a perfect treat & priceless gift! I feel so blessed

  • Dave F.

    All we can say is WONDERFUL!

    Wife and I had an hour long couples massage. What a great time and experience. Madisun and Katie were awesome! They were attentive to our needs and gave us a full hour of actual massage time. With speaking before and after we were there 1.5 hours.

    We will definitely go back anytime we visit Cambria.